My work is my message…


Do not go gentle into that good night. Old age should burn and rave at close of day. Rage. Rage against the dying of the light. Do not go gentle into that good night. If you forgive me my verbal hedonism, it is my passion to give to words certain transcendence. In the same way that it is a powerful stuff to give to photographed people a little bit more than personal dignity or to display controversy of humility and pride. I am transforming shape, energy and vibrations of real life into an eternity of visual appearance of epic photos and photo stories through an ever-attentive eye of documentary photography.

Predestined and fundamental purposes and origin of my photographic work consist of capturing a spirituality of the real world, ongoing situations, human emotions, people and life. Apparently, a documentary photography explicitly shows all of that. And exactly through the reportage photo I’m telling real and various stories. To me, a captured photo needs to convey a message, to be a meaningful. If it fails to do so, then it’s just a displayed exposure. Nothing more than that. I mean, seriously, how often you can see all those empty shots, offered daily everywhere around you, through media, social networks, whether any other possible sources…

Documentary photography is far more fascinating by the unique occasion to faithfully capture moments, which are forever gone and will never repeat again. Never. That is in fact a constant doctrine. Capturing the moments is good, however living those moments is the best. Photography as a tribute of beauty allows usage of visual metaphors to represent and describe all optical impressions without preconceptions. And not just that. It offers a pure form to admire, to feel its fragrance and taste. In addition, it offers a dimension that can pull you into its own world. Finally, you can look with me through the lens into all that beauty of existing reality and pure naturalness of life as we know it.

In this phase of events comes up my work, which creates and stores a memories by applying a documentary photography as a way of observation of all we are surrounded by. From this perspective it is all about finding something extraordinary and unique in an ordinary places, so I am seeking through the lens exceptional faces, views or life situations. Therefore real portraits of people, events, street and lifestyle photography are mine prime working topics. For this purpose, to display the life and real world of people I travel and work through Europe and beyond.

I am Boris Bartos, a documentary photographer from Slovakia, but at present, I am based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

As an official photographer, I am using Fuji X System.

I speak english

Ich spreche Deutsch

Говоря български

Hovořím po česky

Hovorím po slovensky


„The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.“ (Ansel Adams)

I like colorfulness of life but I love the black – and – white phantasies. And what I like about black – and – white photographs is that they´re more like reading the book than seeing the movie. Personally, I wish my eyes could take photos because today´s moments are tomorrow´s memories. I also wish to go and travel wherever the destiny would take me. I wish to take photos of anyone I can meet or anything I can see on my way across this world. I wish just sit, drive and observe the freedom through the lens. Feel free to join me on this adventure but be aware, if there is a photographer on board, the vehicle makes random stops…


Photography is truth. By making frame of image I think of aesthetics of a moments in every event I participate on. I am a visual writer of your stories. I am inconspicuous observer of your stage. A pure candid photography experience for you, a philosophy and a mission to me. While I take a unposed images from a real-eye perspective, you can peacefuly enjoy all your unique moments. Documentary photography is a passion of mine. It might sounds as a cliché, but on every single event are situations, which you may never realize that happened. It is all about the moments you can not see, about the photographs driven by emotions of unchangeable events. This is my point of view, this is my work and my world of documentary photographer.

— BorisBartos | photography