If I could tell you the story in words, if I could just describe in words all the beauty around, I wouldn’t need to struggle everywhere with the camera. I help people to see all those incredible marvels, which we are daily surrounded by. All that visible controversy is driving force, which makes life move in unstoppable vire of events. Photography can only represent the present. I am consious of the fact, once there is something photographed, the particular subject becomes forever part of the past. Documentary style of photography is unique phenomenon to me – by its essence it contains the humanity of the veritable moments.

I am a documentary photographer which means my clients can spend their wedding or any event just having fun with guests and friends without direct interference from me. Creativity reveals itself through discrete observation of real ongoing events. And let’s not forget that scene doesn’t consist only from it´s highlights. There is always much more going on in the backround. As a documentary photographer I choose to not use distractive flashes or any large intrusive light. I simply move inconspicuously through scene as a guest between guests. Essentially, here’s the documentary style of photography and its philosophy.

„Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing and which is true.“ (Jacques Henri Lartigue)

— BorisBartos | photography